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Jane Sider

Spiritual Director & Life Coach 

Some quirky facts about me:

  • With husband, & while very pregnant, I (so sensibly) hitchhiked through 4 African countries, 3 days, 21 rides!

  • I am a baby fanatic. I often befriend or soothe them so quickly, friends call me the ‘baby whisperer’

  • Being underwater is my happy place. I took it to new depths in recent years by learning to scuba dive (while scared).

A Bit About Me

   So where am I coming from, and why do I care so much?

     I’ve been married for over 3 decades to Mark, and proud Mama to 5 awesome young adults. I have always loved adventures, and my life has offered me MANY occasions to reinvent and re-establish myself through transitions, challenges, failures, and extended forays out my comfort zone.

     I have a Master of Ministry degree (Spiritual Formation and Pastoral Counseling), and a diploma in Conflict Mediation. I am a certified Spiritual Director with years of experience in individual and group spiritual formation and leadership development. With my family, I have lived overseas for 11 years in SE Asia and Africa, working in Community Development, and Emergency Food Relief. For several years, I have been a Chaplain at a regional Children’s Hospital, supporting dozens of families through unexpected tragedy, loss, and finding new hopeful ways forward.

     Returning from overseas in 2016, I was more disoriented, burnt out, and discouraged than any previous transition. I found myself spiraling down in a crisis of identity, paralyzed by my lack of definitive purpose and clear direction forward. My anxiety, distress, and shame grew in direct correlation to my rising self-criticism at my inability to pull myself together or push through my circumstances.(not a helpful mix!)

      As often the case in these darkest places, what I needed, is what many of us need at key junctures along the journey. Beginning a yet deeper, soul process to untangle and unlearn my old stories and patterns, grow into new ways of thinking and being with myself and the world, that would be big enough to hold my next chapters.

     Gradually, my healing/growing process inspired refining my purpose and re-envisioning my passion for serving people in this next chapter of my life. As a Life Coach and Spiritual Director, I now draw on years of life in the trenches, training, and soul-sourced insight and wisdom, to help people, just like you, to EXPLORE your life, LEAD from your calling, and TRANSFORM your world.


   This is your invitation to come home to yourself.

       To practice and inhabit new ways of being, new ways of thinking, new ways of experiencing the world you live in. An invitation to become clear, purposeful and joyful with your unique calling that you came into this world to live out, and serve from. And importantly, our world really needs you, and what you have to bring! 

     I am excited to join you in your soul’s growth journey!


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