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What could be greater than intentionally setting aside a time and place to attend and attune to your own soul, in the beauty and healing environment of nature?

Come away, and withdraw from the noise, pressures, and distractions of regular workday living, in order to change focus and enjoy facilitated prayer and meditative practices that encourage you to be still, be awakened, and be Love(d).

As we cultivate these 'quieting rhythms' we can more readily open our senses and allow our hearts to listen deeply and make more space for joy, compassion, wonder, gratitude, and peace, to arise.

Forest Path
Forest Path

Forest Retreats

Join me for a group contemplative experience in nature.

Recalibrate, and breathe peace into your soul and body! 


Every day I walk in a wonderful small patch of forest. It has become my sanctuary place where I unload my cares, wrestle through thoughts, pray through my pain, and reconnect with how to love well; myself, and the others in my world, near and far.

As I continue to listen to others, I hear these kinds of concerns:

  • general pandemic malaise and discouragement

  • zoom fatigue and the mindless escapism into social media

  • feeling too distracted, unmotivated, depleted, and overwhelmed

  • struggling to process, or know what to do with suffering we are encountering on personal /societal/global levels

  • yearning for more meaningful in-person connections 


Over time, a vision to create a forest retreat began to form, to help others to reboot and return to place of being ‘lighter-hearted’ by ‘being present’ with themselves, creation, others and God. I think so many of us are yearning to find and connect to this kind of deep inner peace.

Throughout the years I’ve been able to learn and use so many helpful meditative and contemplative practices and tools gleaned from a vast variety of sources and contexts, like community healing rituals (Indonesia and Malawi) and  hospital chaplaincy (CHEO), as well as ones  found in contemplative tradition.


Retreat Participitant


"I would recommend the retreat to anyone longing to connect with God in a fresh way, & carry that over into daily life. Jane directed us through the practices with gentleness, wisdom and grace and gave us opportunities after each, to share with each other what things God had been showing us, or doing in us.

My inner thought life can sometimes be like a hamster on a wheel endlessly going around in circles. The morning was a good time to unwind and open up to God, His peace, and love through the spiritual practices introduced. It wasn’t just time spent thinking about ourselves." 


Retreat Participant

"Jane is a trusted guide with years of lived experience that make her a great facilitator. The forest retreat provided a much needed  pause from the busyness of life, so I could be be still, disconnect from screens and the noise of the world, and reconnect with nature, myself and others.

The variety of  creative, reflective practices that Jane incorporated into our short time together, helped generate fresh insights and new paths of inquiry. I left feeling  refreshed and with a deeper appreciation for the other women I attended with.






Retreat Participant


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