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Spiritual Direction

 Believing that God is present in every moment, I help you to cultivate a deepening awareness of where God and the sacred is present and at work, in your life and story, and how you are responding.

Spiritual Direction has a long history going back to the earliest days of the Church, passed on throughout monastic communities, and into mainstream spiritual formation contexts. It has served as a source of great nourishment, accompaniment, and  guidance for those seeking to grow deeper in love, wisdom, and freedom.  Famous author, St John of the Cross encouraged this when
seeking  spiritual guidance "Look for someone who has been in the dark wood themselves, and no longer fears it".

Here's your invitation to join in this rich and illuminating practice of examining and attending to
the most essential part of you-your soul! 

(Scroll down for details of Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Direction Supervision)

Spiritual Direction

Providing Everything You Need


1:1 Spiritual Direction

Are you recognizing parts of your life where you feel frustrated, stuck in old patterns, depleted inside, or just straight up yearning for deeper peace and breakthrough?

So many of us feel there are times when life is asking way more of us than we know how to give, or to rise to.

I have been here as well..

One of the needs we have as human beings that brings us the most inner peace, is sharing who we are, how we feel, what we are thinking, and what we are discovering about ourselves, God, and the world around us.

We need someone outside ourselves.. 

  • someone who can listen without judgment, while knowing the kinds of questions to ask that continually illuminate our awareness and our path.

  • someone who can offer a safe place for deeper sharing where we can examine what we believe to be true about God. Someone to also be a witness our own growth, help us grapple with our wounds, find forgiveness and healing, face our shadows, and draw out the meaning and purpose of our life and calling.

This is the quality of dialogue that takes place in Spiritual Direction.

$95 per 60 min. session 
$550 per 6 session package*  (*paid in advance) 

6-Week Group Spiritual Direction

What would it be like to use your current reality as an invitation to deepen your soul’s journey towards wholehearted living?


The facilitated Group Spiritual Direction sessions gently allow and encourage us to open hearts and minds, to grow in awareness and response, to ourselves, God, and each other. This can move us from a place of just getting by; avoiding, stuffing, stressed out, to feeling refreshed and strengthened with new awareness and new hope through the Holy Spirit.

                                          Who is it for?


Anyone seeking to explore and grow deeper in their soul and spiritual practices in a fun and reflective way.

Anyone curious about what Spiritual Direction is and looking for an easy entry point to try it.(grab a friend or 2 to join you)


-We meet 1x on a weeknight for 90 mins. (Date chosen according to majority’s availability).  


-Duration is for a 6-week process.  


 -Cost is $150 per person for the 6-week sessions (including weekly email scripture verse, short contemplative practice, and bonus content)     


 -Group size can be up to 8 people

               Why Group Spiritual Direction?

(From a participant)

Spiritual direction provided me with words of affirmation I was deeply in need of. Through using good prompting exercises and well-formulated questions, I was able to see that I am stronger than I think, very courageous, and that God is cheering me on as I go through life challenges and temptations. I was also encouraged by the other members of the small group that formed our weekly sessions. 

If you feel stuck or in need of a little encouragement to keep moving forward on your spiritual journey, Jane is a person you can trust to guide you gently. Her diversified life experience and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit make her a very compassionate and attentive listener, which contributes to creating a safe and warm place to share, learn, heal, and grow. I highly recommend it.”

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Wet Leaves

 Spiritual Direction Supervision


"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another” Pr. 27:17

What is supervision for your Spiritual Direction practice?

My definition for this vital role is “The accompaniment

of a Spiritual Director as they reflect on their own

interior and exterior responses emerging from a Spiritual Direction conversation, under the illumination and guidance of the Holy Spirit.”

Having supervision for your Spiritual Direction practice is life-giving and life-changing! It allows the opportunity for guided support in your practice, someone to journey the challenges with you, and to celebrate growth together. Supervision offers valuable accompaniment for you as you self-reflect and process where the Divine is present and active in you, and your ministry. Additionally, it opens opportunities for times of affirmation, consultation, education and encouragement as you continually grow in your own skills, strengths, and confidence in the SD process and practice of soul care.


Daniel F, Canada

"For the past year, I have been really struggling with areas in my life that were giving me internal conflict, and this resulted in a less positive attitude overall.

Spiritual Direction was unfamiliar territory for me, however, I felt like it would be therapeutic because I was going through a really difficult time and needed the Holy Spirit to guide me. Jane was very attentive to what I had to say, she asked me questions that really challenged me in a good way, and I learned a lot about myself as a result. Thank you very much for helping me, Jane! It meant a lot and had helped me through a difficult time."

Kristi S, USA

"Having Jane as my Spiritual Director has been so valuable, as I've been in a major life transition these past 6 months. She has listened deeply, and I've felt understood when my life was really hard and confusing. In the midst of my chaos, when God seemed far away, and it was hard to embrace my weakness, she helped me to draw near to Him. I now sense his presence and His peace, and I have greater trust that He is in control. I'm really grateful for Jane and her many gifts, she is a woman of depth and character."


" I came into Spiritual Direction when I felt lost in the midst of the unknown and uncertainty, which also caused me to question my calling and identity. My life then turned to an unexpected direction and there was Jane, who walked alongside me with love and grace to help me find meaning and assurance of God’s love"

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